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He is Risen | Printable

I’ve been having so much fun practicing lettering lately!! It’s getting much better, and that means a win for me AND a win for you.:)Happy “He is Risen” Day!! xo


Click here to download.

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*Brigette Turner reserves all rights. This printable is for personal use only and not to be sold or distributed.

2016 Big Bucket List | Printable

Happy New Year, friend!! To be honest, I’m feeling a bit behind already. We had family in town for almost two weeks, which I of course loved, but I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and plan out what I would like to do blog/business wise. Maybe on hubby’s next day off I can convince him to let me getaway for a little bit to figure that out. 😉 I definitely have a few things on my radar; for example: a FIVE (!!!) year anniversary trip with my hubby, catch up on the girls’ baby books, and take a break from social media. BUT I’ll still be hanging out here!!


Do you have any big dreams for 2016?! Here is a printable for you to jot those down.  :)xoxo


Donut Worry Be Happy | Printable

Happy National Donut day!! 😉

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.32.26 AM

Jeff and Ella are out on a little Daddy-Daughter Donut date, so while I patiently wait for them to get back with my donut (or three) here’s a super, fun, free printable just for you.

Print yours here. xo


Greater things are yet to come | Printable

We’re gonna keep things real short and sweet around here for the next few weeks as I prepare to go to the Influence Conference!! YES, I’m going!!!! AH! Thank YOU sweet family and friends for supporting me. I just cannot wait to see how God is going to use this time work on my heart for His glory. If you haven’t, but would like to help me financially on the trip, you still can here. EVERY, little bit helps. Truly! Even if its $5.00 for “yummy” airport food. 😉

It would mean just as much (if not more!), if you add me you your “praying for you” list. Specifically for God to capture my heart again, and that He would give me peace and trust in Him as I leave Ella for four whole, long days. :/


Here’s your free printable for the month. Greater things are yet to come, friends!

Stock photo from here.


Prayer Schedule | Printable

I think I’ve mentioned before that our family is a part of a church plant here in New Orleans. Well, the people we love and reach out are in the middle of very real and raw struggles– like on the verge of being homeless struggles.

It is SO hard. And the prayer requests are so abundant and overwhelming, I usually don’t where to start. And to be honest, I often don’t start. SO, when a sweet friend requested a “praying for others” printable, I was all over it! Here’s to saying, “I’ve been praying for you,”  or “I’ll be praying for you,” confidently and honestly. xo


Click here for your printable. If you use this (or any of my other free printables), I would love to see! Instagram and hashtag #btfreebies! Stock photo from here.


Fourth of July : Printable + DIY ideas

One year (maybe next year??), I want to throw a party for every. single. holiday. We’ll invite our friends over, have yummy treats for the kiddos, silly games for the adults, and beautiful DIY decor for, well, me and YOU. 😉 Fourth of July is probably one of my favorite holidays ever (you may or may not catch me saying this about every holiday)! But it really is SO much fun!! Which is your favorite?!


You can get all the details for these DIY ideas here or here

And as promised, your free monthly printable can be downloaded here.


Happy 4th, friends! xoxo


Ella has the sweetest, strongest, and handsomest daddy ever. Her words– not mine. 😉 Even though she plays hard to get with him (often), she lights up whenever I say dada!! SO sweet! We’re so incredibly thankful for him.


We made this fun little printable for Father’s Day, and we wanted to share it with you!


All you need is a sweet, cooperative little one (you may need to turn the TV on like I had to), my printable, blue paint, and a brush!


Click here to download.

Remember, if you use this printable (or any of my other free printables), I wanna see! Instagram and hashtag #btfreebies
Have fun!! xo

summer bucket list | printable

I LOVE SUMMER. It means freedom for my husband, watermelon on pop sickle sticks, and lots and lots and lots of pool trips. 😉


We’re gonna start working on that missional marriage that I mentioned last week.

Take an anniversary trip!! We went to Tutti Frutti (a frozen yogurt joint), but that just doesn’t commemorate the event! 😉 We’re thinking about going to Nashville!

I have a book that I really want to read, but have only gotten to read about a page of it every other week. Jeff and I are going to read a couple together- which I think will be good for our missional marriage.

I started Crossfit about a month ago. I love/hate it, but wanna stick it out through the summer. And more, but baby steps!

I’m hoping Ella loves the pool as much as her momma!

Last year I started learning calligraphy-was completely addicted and I really want to pick it up again! And photography, so that I can capture all these fun summer memories.

Our home is decent, but we have too many unfinished projects with just a few things on the walls since our move- we want to fix that and make this apartment a home! And I want to include an art piece made by me.

I’ve started designing the sweetest (literally) little line of art prints during nap times for the shop/Ella’s room. 😉 And cannot wait to share them!

Finally, I want to create a capsule wardrobe! Have you heard of this? It’s basically a teeny wardrobe for each season with your favorite pieces that you can mix and match easily. I pretty much wear my favorite things over and over anyway, but this just gets rid of all the excess and fluff I never wear! It saves time, space, and  money. I’ve been learning all about it here.

Doesn’t all this make you want to create a summer bucket list?! I thought so! 😉 Here it is!! xoxo

Easter | Printable

Our little family is undergoing a lot of changes (I’ll explain a little later), and blogging, even just once a week, is almost impossible! SOO… a quick post and free printable it is! 😉


He rose! What an amazing truth to celebrate this season.

Don’t forget to share how you use this printable via Instagram! Use #btfreebies. xo

Moving Day Checklist | Printable


We’re moving!!! I love moving, friends! My husband, on the other hand, despises it. Haha! I HONESTLY cannot to tell you how many times I’ve moved around as a little (and big) girl. I’m going to try just  for fun! *Fun fact: I was born in New York. Not just any city in New York, but Brooklyn, NY, so don’t mess with me! 😉  Says the smallest, sweetest lady in the room.

1. Brooklyn, NY to Queens, NY

2. Queens, NY to Medellin, Colombia

3. Colombia to Queens, NY

4. Queens, NY to Boston, MA

5. Boston, MA to Miami, FL

6. Miami, FL to Tampa, FL

7. Tampa, FL to Miami, FL

8. Miami, FL to Tampa, FL (again!)

8. Bounced around to different apartments/houses every year or two in Tampa, FL

9. Spent many a summer in Rome, GA and/or Medellin, Colombia

10. Spent half a year in Arua, Uganda

11. Tampa, FL to College Station, TX

12. College Station, TX to New Orleans, LA

And now…

13. New Orleans, LA to just a cross the street from where we are now. Literally.

Phew! Good thing I love it, right?!  I love it because it’s fresh and new. AND I get to redecorate and rearrange EVERYTHING.Why doesn’t Jeffrey? Because it’s fresh and new. AND he has to help me redecorate and rearrange EVERYTHING. I just have to kindly explain that it is form over function. 😉

This move is a little different since I now have a little person to tend to in the midst of it. So I’ve already started the process! And when I say I’ve started the process, I really mean I made a Moving Day Checklist printables for all of us!

This is one you may just have to pin and save for later. xo