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Sometimes I stay up way too late finding the perfect decorations for my house. You know, just in case my husband says I can buy one or two of them. So, naturally, after very little sleep¬†I¬†wake up excited to show my husband, and…. he is not enthused. SO¬†an¬†inspiration board. For him to see all the pieces together, and realize that his wife does have good taste, and¬†knows what she’s talking about. All this for that just in case moment. Should it ever come. ūüėČ


Sorry I don’t have links for each individual piece (because babies), but almost all of these items are from McGee and Co or Joss & Main. My two favorites!! xoxo

Insta-update: MAY


May was another very full month, but so sweet and fun!

First of all, we got new couches!!!! I’ve been wanting a new couch for oh, I don’t know, 3 years+. But we finally got some gorgeous one that I super love and am obsessed with forever and ever!

I was a busy little bee putting baby Olivia’s first birthday party together. It turned out SO cute! More picture coming soon.:)

I also watched all the Fixer Uppers¬†in about two weeks, and then got to visit Magnolia Market. It is the coolest ¬†(and hottest) place on Earth. ūüėČ

Finally, so much sweet time with Jesus lately. He’s pushing me to trust Him deeper and deeper.¬†And it’s been a sweet free fall into wanting His will over mine. “This I know, that God is for me.” Psalm 56:9

How was your May?!

Rental Sweet Rental

I’ve lived in rentals pretty much my whole life.¬†Jeff and I feel like the Lord has brought us to a place where we can finally plant¬†for some time. And I couldn’t be more excited!! So, while we wait on finding a house (which is more complicated than I imagined–no wonder we’ve been renters ūüėČ ), I wanted to share a few tips on how I’ve made my rentals feel home-y.


What do you think about when you think of the word “home?” I think: family, cozy, inviting, peaceful, life. And then I kind of run with that.

  1. Family photos. Everywhere. A sweet friend blessed us with our last family pictures, and they are everything to me. They are worth the investment. I would argue more so than art pieces. Pictures of your people on your rented walls just add a special touch of warmth that generic word art or Hobby Lobby abstracts cannot seem to swing. It is you and yours and perfectly personalized.
  2. Life.¬†This is the only shade of color allowed in our rental. ūüėČ Kidding, but can you guess what I’m going to suggest?? House plants! I was raised with my two younger brothers by a single, hardworking mama, and as broke as we were sometimes,¬†I always remember having plants in our homes.¬†I feel like they just breathe so much life into your home.¬†They make rentals seem lived in. Because surely someone is caring for those beauties. In this house hold, it is definitely not me. One look from me and they’re gone, but thankfully my sweet husband takes great pride in watching his¬†plants grow.:)
  3. Blankets and pillows, and candles, oh my!¬†Don’t you just want to take a nap now? Actually, use that as a rule of thumb. If a guest can come in and feel comfortable enough to take a nap, then you are headed in the right direction towards making your rental feel like home!:)

If you live in a rental, what are some of your tips to making it feel like a home?? xo

Insta-update: April


April was a busy, busy month for us. All good, praise the Lord, just incredibly full.


I’m currently working on a branding project for an interior designer. It’s been soooo much fun. I really love doing this!! And can’t wait to share the rest of the branding collateral with you.


We celebrated FIVE years. Praise the Lord. We’ve had such a full and blessed marriage. So much grace and protection from the Lord. We’ve been apart of a Bible Study for married couples the last few months, and we’ve seen first hand how many struggles there can be in a marriage. And while we still have our own little issues, they’re pretty minimal. Again, by God’s grace and for His glory! For our five year anniversary, Jeff surprised me¬†by reserving a small building in our church where he played every song that meant anything to us, and we slowed danced on the stage. He can be SO romantic sometimes… Sometimes. ūüėČ And THEN he surprised me with a song he wrote me and sung it to me while playing the guitar. I should of prefaced that by saying that he is not musically inclined. Like at all. Which made it WAY cuter and more meaningful. Love him so.


This month I also got to throw a baby shower for a teenage mama, and it was such a blessing to support her in a small way. The theme was “April Showers” and it turned out super cute. If I do say so myself. ūüėČ What did you have going on in April? xo

Insta-update: March

Blogging has been nearly impossible these days. And I think I’m finally learning to be okay with that. I’m a mommy to two and don’t have as much free time as I’d like to pretend that I have. An hour and a half (MAX) is pretty much what I get a day, and sometimes that is spent cooking, cleaning, Pinterest-ing(?). So we’re just rolling with it over here. Today, blogging seemed like a fun idea. ūüėČ
Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.06.39 PM

In March we celebrated my 27th birthday. It feels really, really weird to think that I’m just three years shy of being 30. WHAT?! Good news is I still feel like I’m 18, well, with a whole lot more responsibilities. ūüėČ

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.06.57 PM

We’ve got some fun spring weather rolling in and have been spending a lot of time outside which I LOVE. Parks, walks, and pools are a few of my favorite,¬†free things to do. Add a picnic blanket and some yummy fruit for some sweet memories.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.07.50 PM

I’m¬†really loving me some fashion bloggers these days. Here are a few that I check on frequently: Merrick’s Art, With Love From Kat, Extra Petite, and Hello Fashion. Do you have any fun ones you follow?

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.07.26 PM

Gimme all the fruit. Watermelon and pineapples. All day. Also, planning out fun little ways to use pineapples at my baby girl’s first birthday in a few months!! Do you have anything fun going on this summer?

May 12, 2016 - 4:11 pm

Stacia - I didn’t realize we were the same age! I just passed my 27th birthday last week. I totally feel you on the being just three years away from 30 thing. Let’s keep embracing that inner 18 year old!

He is Risen | Printable

I’ve been having so much fun practicing lettering lately!! It’s getting much better, and that means a win for me AND a win for you.:)Happy “He is Risen” Day!! xo


Click here to download.

P.s. Follow me on Instagram so we can be friends and so that you can stay up to date with all of the future free printable as I continue to practice!!

*Brigette Turner reserves all rights. This printable is for personal use only and not to be sold or distributed.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas : White tee

My typical day is spent cooking, playing with my girls, cleaning, changing diapers, replying to emails, etc. And most of our nights are usually filled with some sort of activity with¬†our church, so¬†I’m always in need of a little refresh before heading out the door. Sometimes that refresh looks like a whole outfit change (insert: teething baby drool¬†ūüėČ ), but sometimes it looks like just swapping out a few items to look more adult-ish.


In this is instance, it was the latter. How did my white tee survive?! Well, there may or may not be some¬†avocado smeared on it.:)I digress…
So, I’m hoping to¬†find more¬†smooth transitions¬†from my day to night outfits to hopefully inspire you to get creative and have fun with what you already have in your closets!!

Insta-Update: February

I know February is a short month, but my goodness! That went by so fast!!


Girls’ Room: They are OFFICIALLY sharing a room. And I am officially waking up a couple times in the middle of the night to help¬†Olivia fall back asleep. Haha! BUT a little room tour should be happening soon!!¬†So there’s that. ūüėČ

Ella: In princess dresses or jammies all day, every day!! My heart.

Valentines Day: We call it “I love you day.” And tried to fill it with fun little, family activities.

Olivia: Crawling!!! And trying to pull up on everything/everyone.

Surrendering: Once upon a time, I was committed to being a single, sold out follower of Jesus who would spend my life going into the deepest and most dangerous of places of the world to make the goodness of God known to all. So I signed up to go on my very first¬†mission trip to Uganda.¬†Ironically, that’s where I met the man I would end up marrying and shortly after we would start a family together. Somewhere in between now and then, I became consumed with creating the perfect nursery and having the best family pictures for our Christmas cards.¬†Not that there’s anything wrong with having those things, but I was holding¬†onto them with a clenched¬†fist. And I’m just not sure if that is what the Lord has for me. So the last several¬†weeks¬†have been full of surrender and loosening that grip. Laying down all my plans and dreams¬†at His feet, and praying that He would align my desires with His. It’s been a¬†month of seeking direction for our¬†lives. And trying to rest in the fact that He is trustworthy, and acknowledging that we¬†don’t want to miss the story has has written for our lives because of my love for earthly things. He is worth it!

Flamingo Party Essentials

My BABY is turning one (!!!!)… in four months.:)I cannot seem to get a grasp on time since she joined us, so YES, I have started planning! Eeep. I’ve been obsessed with¬†“Flamingo” themed parties. And since¬†big sister has a December birthday, I haven’t been able to¬†wing it. Pun intended. ūüėČ Throw in my sweet baby Olivia who loves bath time and¬†has a summer birthday–we’ve got ourselves a little flamingle!!

Flamingo Candles | Flamingo Balloons | Flamingo Ice Tray | Pineapple Print | Flamingo Print | Palm Leaf Print | Baby Flamingo Inflatable | Pineapple Cups

We kinda went all out for big sister’s first birthday,¬†and I intend to do the same for Olivia. Well, as much as our budget allows. ūüėČ So, what do you think? Super cute, righttt?! I cannot wait. ¬†xo

Insta-Update: January

I mentioned I was going on a little social media fast and so far, so good. I had a ton of self imposed rules and regulations when posting things on specifically Instagram, and it was getting silly and no longer enjoyable. So I miss it, but it’s been a much needed break for me. It’s been good to take a step back, and think about the culture I want to create around it. I’ve also realized that Instagram was sort of a creative outlet for me. I scrolled all the way down on my feed (like to when just my mom followed me ūüėČ ) and saw that although my photos were horribly lit and filter choices were less than impressive, they were still somewhat styled. It made me feel a little happy to see that it’s not just a facade to impress, but more a part of who I am as a creative. SO I decided I would still take some pretty square pictures to document my¬†highlight reels on my blog until I get back on Instagram!:)


Olivia: This girl. I simply cannot get enough. None of us can! She is our favorite EVER. Sugar and spice and everything nice. For reals. Although, she’s gotten two little teeth in the last couple of weeks and we have seen some fiestyness!! I think we’ll still keep her. ūüėČ

Time with Jesus: It hasn’t been as frequent as I’ve wanted, but it’s been really good. I need to start doing video blogs or something quick that I can just share all that He’s teaching me. SO good. Love Him.

The girls’ room: Still slowly finishing it. And trying to figure out when to get Olivia out of our bedroom and into her room with sissy. Any tips? She still wakes up once or twice in the middle of the night.¬†So I’m not sure if you should wait that out?

Ella: Still super fun and incredibly good at making silly faces. Currently trending phrase is, “I was a baby.” My poor sweetie pie says it specifically when baby sis is getting a lot of attention. The other day she said, “I was a baby, soooooo I was a baby.” Haha. She kills me!!

Closet contentment challenge: What’s that?? Haha. Umm. I’m starting again this month. (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I’m challenging myself to buy just one piece of clothing– or pair of shoes– a month.)

Plants: After our Christmas tree goes down, I always feel the need to add a  little more green in our home. Anyone else?!