Hi new friend!!

I’m Brigette and am SO happy that you are here!

I’m a wife, mama, graphic designer, but more importantly a follower of Jesus. He has poured out grace upon grace over my life, and the pictures below are just the slightest proof of that. I’d love to share my story with you, and hope you find some encouragement and inspiration along the way!

Who I am today began just a few years ago with a love for God and a willing heart. January 14, 2010 I squeezed my sweet momma and my baby brother one last time with a knot in my throat and tears on the verge. I made my way through the airport wondering what God had in store. A short flight later those feelings faded as I found myself meeting the team that I was going to spend half a year with in Africa doing missions- and when I say “team” I specifically mean a comical, dashing, chivalrous, young man.

Do you see where this is going? 😉

He had my attention from day one, but wooed me for almost six months with fireflies in mason jars, African wild flowers in glass coke bottles, and sweet notes waiting on my windowsill!!

Unfortunately our trip came to an end  and I found myself squeezing him one last time with a knot in my throat and tears streaming. We split ways and endured a year in a long distance relationship. Thankfully we got engaged, married, and pregnant (in that order!) faster than I could say “yes!”

I miscarried my first baby and went through the darkest, deepest hurt of my life, but God graciously provided life in my womb once again and that is my precious baby Ella. She’s my joy, my motivation. And my little shop assistant. 😉 Two and a half years later, a sweet, but feisty shop assistant, Olivia, joined the team. She is here and she is ours. A little miracle baby, whom we saw no signs of life at her 7.5 week ultrasound. “God gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.” Romans 4:17. You can read her amazing story here. 

I would love to hear your story and be a part of it! Whether you come here for encouragement, or use my products in your home, if you need to brand your business, or any other custom projects- I would be thrilled to hear from you!