Goals Update


How are we a third of the way through this year?! Confession: I cannot keep up with all my goals, you guys. 😫 But instead of completely ditching them, I’m re-evaluating them and giving myself a fresh start come May. After all, I did set these goals because they were important to me and I’m passionate about them. So, let’s take a look at them. And I hope this inspires you to tackle those long forgotten New Years resolutions again. OR look at them a little more realistically and edit them according to the season of life you are in.

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1. Read my Bible daily.   I was struggling with this for a while at the beginning of the year, but I joined a Bible Study at the end of February, and then recently started leading one. So it’s given me the accountability I really needed to stay in it! Yay!

2. Memorize scripture. Nope. None. 😁 I still want to do this. I just need to commit already! Something is better than nothing.

Action step 1: Select 20 verses by May 5th.
Action step 2: Write them all down on index cards.
Action step 3: Put half  of those index cards in my purse, and half by my night stand.
Action step 4: Start memorizing.

3. Be generous. My Etsy shop has been reallllyyy slow. Which is perfectly fine because life has been quite the opposite. But I still want/need to do this with the little I have been given.

Action step 1: Buy a gift card for groceries by the end of the month.
Action step 2: Give to someone in need.

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1. Exercise 3 times a week. Yes!! Woohoo! How with two little ones??? Say it with me… T.V. Haha. I pop a movie in and do a Beach Body on demand workout. I don’t feel too guilty about giving them an extra half hour of screen time if it means mommy is healthy, active, and… awake.

2. Limit sugar intake. Also, yes! I’ve been making some healthier meals. My husband is pretty proud of me. ☺️

3. Sleep! Shooting for 8 hours a night. NOPE.
Action step 1: Put phone away by 8.
Action step 2: Memorize scripture, read, pray before bed.

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1. Read one book a month. So far, so good!! YAY! I’m so proud of this one because I’m not a reader. But I want to be!! And this has been the goal that is most satisfying to accomplish!

2. Create and share monthly goals lists.  I did for the first couple of months, but haven’t for the latter.

Action step 1: Buy a chalkboard marker.
Action step 2: Make big list on board where my husband and I can see it often.

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1. Have slow down, rich and sweet moments with my family daily. Definitely not. 💔

Action step 1: Decide on a set time to have these moments. Whether its first thing when they wake up or right before bed.
Action step 2: Fight for this time to be implemented in our daily rythms. Be fully present. Talk. Stare at their little hands and feet. Give a million kisses. Tickle and laugh until we can’t take it anymore.

Your turn!! What are some of your goals that need to be put back in their places?!

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