Christmas Tour Part 2

Yay for part two! I wasn’t quite sure I’d get to, but here we are! Except, this time, the house is an absolute wreck. May you never think I have it all put together. Please!! It holds me to a standard that is not realistic for this season of life. Just know that a lot of cropping and sliding of things (toys, unfolded laundry, dried up mac n cheese, you name it!) here and there were necessary for these pictures. 😉


Have you heard the quote, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful?” It’s probably one of my favorites. Because in a “perfect” world I’d have a fireplace and mantel to hang up our stockings and garland, but what I came up with works and looks pretty (to me at least)! Hope that’ll encourage you to work with what you have. Right here, right now.


And a teeny peek into the girls’ room. I decided to hold off on a full reveal because there are a few more details I want to have in place before sharing their sweet, little room.:)


I’ve always loved seeing other friends’ homes, so I hope this was just as fun for you!!

Merry Christmas!

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