Christmas Tour Part 1


A teeny, tiny Christmas home tour because: 1. This girl was all caught up on her cleaning. Bathrooms included!! So I got a little time to play. And this is my kinda fun. I’m weird, I know. It was either this or online shopping, but ain’t nobody got money for that so. 😉 2. It’s our first house and I wanted to document it. 3. One of my New Year goals is to resurrect this blog from the dead, and getting a head start always give me so much more momentum. Anyone else?! 4. The littles had a nice, long nap!


Nothing out of this world. Clean and minimal which works with my style and our budget. 😉 I really only get to go shopping for Christmas decorations after Christmas… I know. You win some, you lose some. Besides this one little rule, he’s the best husband ever. Haha! So the rest of our house is slightly more minimal than I’d prefer, but he did let me get a beautiful fresh cedar garland last night and you better believe I’m putting it everywhere I can.


Do you like it?! Is it too minimal? I have a few things in our kitchen too! But the babies are awake, so I have to wrap this baby up stat. I ‘ll share more in part two!


I’ll also share the girls’ room. We just ordered their light fixture (YAY for no hole in their ceiling!!), so as soon as it gets here I’ll take some pictures so you can see! xo

December 2, 2016 - 1:12 pm

Michele Mercer - I love the minimal look. So much sunlight in your home. I’m incredibly jealous. I’d be a minimalist too if I could make my husband not horde. Lol

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